written by Shekitra Starke

@2018 Your Highness Music LLC (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

Verse 1

Now that I see whats going on

Makes me believe I have a choice

I have a choice

For far too long I gave into temptation

Fear had me bound, covered with chains

Now I'm rising up



I choose to win

I will fight until the end

I know that I can make it

I know that I can

I refuse to give up

I refuse to give in

I know that I can make it

I know that I can


Verse 2

Eyes to the skies

I gotta keep me faith strong

Its the only way I'll make it out of this

I made up my mind

Lord I wanna be made over I wont let fear take over no more

I will arise no matter what it looks like

ooh , ooh, ooh

Things might be dark now but I'm breaking through


[Repeat Chorus]



I'll make it

(I'm pressing on, I'm pressing on )

I'll make it

(I'm breaking free out of the dark)

I'm standing tall now

All walls must come down

Screaming victory

I'll make it

Remove these chains

I'll fly

I will win this war


Double Chorus

I wont stop now

No fear will hold me down

Feet planted firm on the ground

I''ll push until my break through comes

I'll hold on

I'll hold on

I won't let go no

I'm not letting go



I know that I can make it